Solid Rock Christian Fellowship- Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is this Baptism and Communion stuff all about?

Solid Rock Christian Fellowship is committed to obeying all that the Lord Jesus Christ commands. Two special observances He has established for His church are believer's water baptism and the Lord's Supper (Communion). These "ordinances" are a part of many of our services.


In Matthew 28:18-20 Jesus told His followers to baptize His disciples. Baptism is an immersing - a dipping - in water. This "ritual" identifies the person with Jesus who died, was buried, and arose from the dead. It shows others that Jesus has already eternally saved that person from sin and that he/she has already been joined to the church by the Holy Spirit. Baptism does not bring about eternal salvation. The Bible is clear that faith alone in Jesus Christ alone is the only means of receiving God's forgiveness. Rather, baptism was commanded by Jesus to be a person's testimony of his/her relationship with Jesus. Baptism is to salvation what a wedding ring is to marriage. If you have trusted Him as your Savior but have not yet been baptized, our pastor would be happy to help you obey the Lord in this special way!


In the same way, the Lord's Supper is a "ritual" that identifies us - not just once (as with baptism) but regularly - with Christ's death, which took place to pay for our sins. In 1 Corinthians 11:23-26 we're given Jesus' command that we are to observe until He returns. The bread represents His body, which was broken on the cross. The cup represents His blood which was shed on the cross. As Christians partake of the bread and the cup, we are reminding ourselves of the death of Christ. It is an act of worship. The Bible doesn't teach that the bread and the cup are or become the body and blood of Christ. No, they are only symbols of Christ's body and blood, and we partake of them as a memorial of His costly sacrifice.

You should be baptized as soon as possible after becoming a Christian. If you're a believer, we invite you to participate in the Lord's Supper under the guidelines of 1 Corinthians 11:27-31.

2. Is your church boring?

We make every effort to avoid boredom. Look over the various ministries we have. You will see that they will not bore you. However, if you come to church for the wrong reason (your girlfriend goes there, relatives lay a guilt trip on you, or you want to "play church") you will get bored quickly. The best defense against boredom in any church is to get actively involved in what's happening. Don't just sit around complaining. Do something for God and for yourself.

3. Is your church Charismatic?

As believers, we are indwelled by the Spirit, filled if we allow Him. Pastor Mike has been accused of having a charismatic personality by a few.

If you asking a veiled question about "tongues,"
we believe that "tongues" = foreign language (See Acts 2:6)

4. Do you have any other formal rituals/ rules besides Communion and Baptism?

We do Baptism and Communion because they are Bible commands. We stick very close to what the Bible says is truth. If a specific problem or question arises that is not specifically addressed in God's word, we live by the Biblical principle that covers that topic. We celebrate Christmas and Easter (neither are in the Bible). We may even talk about Advent. You won't find us counting beads, confessing to Pastor Mike or washing each other's feet, but you will find us praying before we eat (most of the time) and being kind to one another. The Bible clearly states that salvation (spending eternity with God, excaping Hell) is based solely on what we do with Jesus Christ. We do things for God because of what He has done for us, not to gain his favor and /or work our way to Heaven.

5. What does the word "Gospel" mean. What does that have to do with the terms "born again," and "salvation."

The word "Gospel" means "good news." The good news is that God does love us, he proved that with his son Jesus.

The term "born again" describes our relationship with Christ spiritually (as opposed to our physical birth).

"Salvation" means we are saved from Hell.
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