Solid Rock is assisting in the rebuilding of the Crossroads Youth Center Skate Park.

Here are some photos showing the progress. We will add pictures as progress is made.

September 11, 2006 Update. Grand Reopening is Sept 12th- Note: there is still work to be done. We know it. Give us time to fundraise for the work that still needs to be done. Helpful suggestions for improvement will be accepted.

Here is a quick overview video of sk8ing at the Grand ReOpening on Sept 12, 2006 (Media player required)

November 15, 2006 update- metal coping added
September, 11 2006 update:
These pictures were taken on 4/29/06: Note that there is a lot of work to be done. These pictures are listed oldest first.
Pictures From 5/19/06:
Pictures taken on 5/25 and 6/7/06:
6/10/2006 update:
Updated: 6/15/2006:
June 17,2006 update:
Update 6/20/2006:
June 24, 2006 Update:
June 28.2006 update:
6/29/2006 update:
July 1, 2006 Update:
July 5,2006 update:
July 19,2006 update:
One of our donors
July 25, 2006 Update:
August 1, 2006 update- note Crossroad youth center will be closed for the month of August for renovation. Sk8 park rebuilding will continue during first and last week in August. No Sk8ing in the park unless supervisor is on site.
Auguest 3, 2006 update:
August 24,2006 update ( Xroads should be open again by September 12,2006):
Augest 31, 2006 update; Grand Opening of the skate park is Tuesday Sept 12, 2006