BOB BEGANDY~ 7/13/02

"Think about some of the things that are in your life, blinding you from seeing the truth.

Living right, is just the start of it, but when you're blinded, not knowing of God, you can't see where your going, you cant even see where to start.

That's not the right way to live. And your trying to do all this by yourself and it can't work, you need help from someone else.

Pre-marital sex, drugs, doobies, rock'n'roll, no wait rock'n'roll is cool, alcohol, all that stuff is all stuff that gets in the way, stuff that blinds you.

It looks ok on the outside, society has made that stuff look so good, so unbelievably irresistible to us that that's all we want, that we crave every day of our lives.

We crave all that stuff, but in reality that's the stuff that is blinding us, that is keeping us from living right, and on the right track.

And living right starts with one simple decision, the decision of choosing life or death, the decision of choosing Heaven or Hell, and if you choose Jesus, believing that he died on the cross for you, that he died with nails each hand and in both of His feet, a horrible death with all of our sins on His back, taking the agonizing pain of each one of our sins on His back, and believing that He rose three days later.

A perfect man died, for a bunch of sinners that would rather nothing more, than to punch Him in the face and spit on Him, and mock Him out all day long. He died for all of us.

And to realize that and believe that and to accept that into your heart that He can conquer death and that He can rise above all that, when He resurrected 3 days later, only to start the epic, of what you guys can do.

I'm gonna give you all a chance, to be able to go to Heaven, to have that insurance that you can go to Heaven.

I was terrified of Hell, Hell was the most scariest thing to me, the thought of just burning, being tortured for the rest of my life, and tormented, not even in my control.

And the consequences of living a trashy life on earth, all the bad things coming down the line, Heaven just outweighed that, all the blessings, the joy, all the opportunities of the comfort and the hope, just outweighed that far more than being tortured for the rest of my entire life.

If you guys have never heard the Sinners Prayer, its a prayer that I prayed a year and a couple of months ago, and I'm still reaping the benefits from that day, Feb. 27th, I'm reaping every single benefit from that day.

And if you guys would like to pray that prayer in your hearts, this is how your gonna get into Heaven. I'm gonna pray it, so if you guys would like to, pray it in your hearts, and mean it.

Lord I want to thank you so much for the gift of Heaven. I have sinned against You, I pray that You forgive me for my sins, I pray that your son, Jesus Christ can come into my heart and change my life. And I pray that I can live every day for you, in your name I pray, Amen"