"Livin' It" puts this festival excitement on film as some of the top professionals in skateboarding and BMX riding stretch their talent and their faith on their boards, on their bikes and on the streets.

Director/producer/host Stephen Baldwin brings the experience of two decades of film making and Executive Producer Kevin Palau assembled a talented and motivated team of film makers and athletes who captured extreme stunts and sports action.


Jared Lee - Skateboard
This 20-year old likes art, especially the kind you can skate on... sculptures, monuments, etc. He finished in the top 15 at the 2004 Tampa Am, and he's been top 3 in at least a dozen contests. Jared skates Untitled Skateboards with support from Borders Paradise Skate Shop and Apostle Clothing Company.


Phil Trotter - Skateboard
He finished Top 10 at the 2004 Tampa Am where he grabbed a couple of best trick contests and has his eye on international competition, especially in Spain. He's 21, and backed by Savier Shoes, Shorty's, Nixon Watches and Cal's Pharmacy Skateshop


Sierra Fellers - Skateboarder
A top amateur at 17, Sierra came out of Whitefish, Montana with a style all his own and victory at the 2004 Tampa Am, winning with a perfect score in Best Trick and Street Comp. A fan favorite at the recent Palau festival in Manchester, England, he already has some big-time sponsors in Mystery Skateboards, Circa Shoes, Grind King Trucks and Alycium Clothing.

Rich Hirsch - BMX
The Northwest native now lives in southern California where here he's building a solid reputation on his bike and in business. He has a full sponsorship with Mosh, his own clothing company (Salvation), and a hookup with Odyssey where you can pick up Rick Hirsch grips.

Jud Heald - Skateboard Pro
His friends call him "Farm Boy" because of his Midwest roots, but at 26 Jud has a national reputation for fearless jumps and an aggressive style in his skating and evangelism. He heads up his own skateboard company - Untitled Skateboards .

Bruce Crisman - BMX

With a recent win at the Latin X-Games and strong showings in Europe and the U.S., Oregon native Bruce Crisman (24) has attracted legions of fans and strong sponsor support (Adidas, Target, Hoffman Bikes) with his aggressive, fearless style.

Luke Braddock - Skateboard
This 21-year old skates fast and big with an aggressive surf style, and is backed by Reliance Skateboards, Sessions Clothing, Flow for Krux Trucks, Bill's Wheels Skate Shop and King of Kings.

Anthony Carney
Skateboard Pro
A fan favorite at Palau Festivals and competitions around the country, this 29-year-old southern California native can skate nearly anything. He's attracted support from major sponsors like Destructo Trucks, Aurora Wheels, NSS Shoes, Active Ride Shop, M.I.C. Clothing, Ninja Bearings, and Randoms Hardware.

Tim Byrne - Skateboard Pro
Considered the most technically advanced freestyle, flatland skateboarder in the world, Tim comes from Rolla, Missouri. He's sponsored by Untitled Skateboards, Apostle Clothing, NSS Shoes, Tracker Trucks, Ninja Bearings, Reverse Freestyle Wheels, King of Kings of Skate Ministries, and Skate Legion Shop.


Jon Greer - BMX Pro
At 18, this dirt jumping pro has already reached the cover of Ride BMX Magazine. He's part of Dirt Bros with Vic Murphy and is also sponsored by D-Struct Clothing and TSG.

Vic Murphy - BMX Pro
Considered a pioneer and innovator in BMX bike riding, Vic runs three core sports companies while maintaining his position as one of BMX's most gifted pros. His "table top" tricks are legendary, inspiring sponsors like Vans, Odyssey and his own "Dirt Bros."

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