Krudco's 4th annual Skate for the Homeless
Presented by Krudco Skate Shop in association with Scuff Skatepark.

September 28th 2003

Here are some pictures and a short video of what happened:

The Solid Rock guys handed out free food to the sk8ers that did not have any food to donate. We all have to make giving a part of our lifestyle.

Sometimes the sk8ers did not understand that this event was about helping the poor. We had to explain that we were helping the sk8ers so the sk8ers would then have something to donate.

The boxes are filled with donated food

More food in the big box

Lots of skaters here

More sk8ers here

Even more sk8ers here

Alan representin' to the media

Some of the sk8ers watching the pros sk8

Head of 5-boro, Steve, in the middle

Given autographs

Pro board toss

Free pizza

Free cookies and cupcakes

Niki and Bobbo working the raffle booth

Conor, Nick and Joe S. working the raffle booth

Brian and Andrew working the raffle booth

Bobbo displaying the winners

More raffle

While most sk8ers did not see this, the rainbow formed outside the building

Joe S, Nicky and Connor. The raffle drawings went on until 9pm- a long night

Here is a short video of some of the action at this years sk8 for the homeless. There were lots of prizes and lots of products to toss. Only downside was Brian had his board stolen.

(MS media player 9 needed)