Click here to see what happend at the Ultimate Challenge 2002 Youth Event

To see the Solid Rock SK8 team demo at UC2003, click here


A Skate team put together by the Lord with help from Dave Pfonner (manager) and is there to help youth and kids come to know Christ. They have traveled up and down the East coast putting on sk8 demos, sk8 contests and presenting the Gospel. The only reason they have this talent is because of God.

Redemption Poster
Some people seem to have forgotten (or choose to ignore):

NEISS information provided by National Consumer Products Safety Commission for calendar year 1997.

* Based on 1997 participation figures by American Sports Data, Inc.

Sport Participants Injuries Percentage

Baseball 36,600,000 437,207 1.26%

Basketball 29,600,000 761,358 2.57%

Football 14,700,000 409,296 2.78%

Ice Hockey 1,700,000 61,264 3.6%

Soccer 10,300,000 146,409 1.42%

Volleyball 20,500,000 112,120 .54%

Skateboarding 6,200,000 27,718 .49%

Video promo for SR's 2015 The Missing Link here (mp4)
Solid Rock's 2013 Video Promo for "Rapture" here (mp4)
Solid Rock video premiere "Redemption"
January 12, 2012.You can see the promo here(WMV format: 9mb)
Solid Rock Skate Team's 2010 Annual Team Video Promo. Full video due in Dec 2010. Title: "Paradox" (WMV format)
See the Links page for MySpace site info- for pictures of 2010 activties and prior. (not used anymore)

We are now on Facebook!

For all 2011 events

RCCM Connunity Picnic Demo In Gates NY August 8, 2010 (large wmv file, 35mb)
Solid Rock Skate Team Video:Promo - Good News

Due out in January 2010.

(large file 15mb, wmv)

SFNJ Demo June 26, 2010
Video here
Slide show here

(large WMV files)

RCCM Community Picnic Demo in Gates NY August 2,2009 (large file 24mb, WMV format)
Farmer's Fair 2009 Skate demo and Contest- Oct 16,2009. Fundraising Event for the Benefit of Bryan Newell (28mb file, WMV)
The Ocho Promo video is Here.

(large file - 13mb, WMV)

Road Less Traveled Demo - Hilton NY 5/30/2009. Rising money for missonaries to Peru. Video here. (large file 27mb WMV)
The Community Fun Fest in Mechanicsburg PA included the Solid Rock Skate Team. Here is a brief video of the events. August 23, 2008. (large WMV file, 17mb)
Our Team Video for 2007 has been completed. It is called "Project: Enemy." The DVD is free. Just ask one of the team members for a copy. You can also view the video at X-Dreams skate park or at Krudco Skate Shop.
Our Spring 2007 Promo video is ready.

Click here

MS Media player needed (large file-29mb)

Solid Rock had a great time doing a demo for the RCCM in Gates NY during there annual Community Picnic. Aug 10, 2008. short video here. (large 10mb file, WMV format)
Day of Care - May 31, 2008. The Solid Rock Skate Team was there- Short video HERE.

(large file- 15mb, WMV format)

The 5-Boro and Listen team were at X-Dreams on 8/17/2007 - Thanks Krudco. Here is a short video (9mb, Media player required)
Dying 2 Live Rock Fest in Watertown NY August 11, 2007 Solid Rock Team Demo (Large file 25mb, Media player)
The North Rose NY guys needed a sk8 demo- Solid Rock Skate Team came to the rescue on July 12, 2008. 10 min video HERE.

(large file 34mb, WMV format)

On June 23, 2007 Solid Rock brought out the ramps and did a demo for Spirit&Truth Calvary Chapel in Wolcott NY. Here is a 9 minute overview of what happened. (33mb, Media Player required)
Stand Teen Fest - Wellsville NY August 24, 2007- Solid Rock Skate Demo. (large file 25mb, Media player required)
Krudco brought the Zoo York Team to Rochester on July 29, 2007. 2 minute video here. (MSmedia player)
Powerfest2007 in FillmoreNY is an all day event. On July 14, 2007 Solidrock hosted a demo and contest. Large video file (51mb, media player) 14 minutes.
Solid Rock Skate Team hosted a Sk8 contest Saturday June 2, 2007 at Crossroads Youth Center. 8 minute video here. large file (28mb) Media Player required.
The Vans Skate team came to town along with the Couch Tour Contest Series on June 16, 2007 . Notice who took 1st Place. Video overview here. (large file 17mb, MediaPlayer required)
On May 28, 2007 The Solid Rock Team went to Dillsburg PA's Underground Skate Park to sk8 with the locals and host some contests. Here is a short video. Media player.
On May 18,2007, Krudco Sponsored the Real Demo. Held at XDreams, you will see some of the SolidRock and Krudco guys sk8ing during the demo in this short video. (Media Player)
Video summary of the August 12,2006, Harvest Chapel Community Day - Open Sk8 and demo with Solid Rock Sk8 Team and the Freedom Sk8 Team with the help from all the Underground SkatePark crew. (Note large file size- 19mb, Media player)
Skate Jam 20006- Sponsored by the Underground sk8 park- Contest, demo and fund Raiser. Held Saturday October 21, 2006.
Solid Rock team helped with setup, demo,and contest. Short 4 minute video here. Media player required
On July 29,2006 the Solid Rock Skate Team hosted a sk8 demo, sk8 contest and open sk8 at "Powerfest 2006" at the Fillmore Powerhouse youth center in Fillmore NY. Here is a short video (Media player, large file)
Solid Rock is helping rebuild the Crossroads Youth Center Skate Park: here are some pictures of the progress being made.

Grand Opening for the Skatepark was Sept 12th!!! Look in the pictures link for a short video of the event.

On July 15,2006 the Solid Rock Skate Team hosted a sk8 demo and open sk8 at the Whitney Point Community Day Event. Short Video (MS media player)
Solid Rock Held a Sk8 Demo for the Grand Opening Of the Riverfront Sk8 Park in Lynchburg VA on Feb 4, 2006. Short Video (MS media player)
X-Dreams Sk8 park here in Rochester NY just built a new bowl. Here is some random footage to show you what it's like. (MS media player)

X-Dreams is now open-

X-Dreams Sk8 Park Construction Pictures. Taken 2/14, 11,17 & Feb 21, 2006

Krudco did a great job putting togeather and running the Winter Jam 2005 event. (Feb 22, 2005)- (Notice Bobbo got 1st place in best Trick contest & Tim and Evan tied for Second Place.) Here is some footage. (MS media player)
Krudco Hosted the 5-Boro team with a Bar-B-Q at Xdreams August 25, 2005

Here is footage of some of the action.
(MS media player required)

X-Dreams hosted a Mini-Half comp on April 19,2005. Note that Evan won 2nd place in the advanced. Brief video Highlights here. (MS media player)
The Solid Rock Team traveled to the Underground Skate Park in Pennsylvania to hold a demo, sk8 camp and contest. Here is some footage from the March 25, 2005 contest. (MS media player)
Element came to X-Dreams on 9/29,2004. The Solid Rock guys did some filming (MS media player required)
Solid Rock and The Revolt team got togeather for a demo at the New Covenant Church in Holly NY on 9/10/04. Click here for short video summary of the evening's activities. (MS media player required)
Solid Rock Skate Night at Scuff's was April 29, 2004

Click here for the full scoop!!

Solid Rock & Revolt Skate Demo was on June 12, 2004

Click here poster!!

Birdhouse came to X-dreams on 9/6/04. The Solid Rock guys did some filming for all you that missed it. (MS media player required)
Solid Rock SK8 team held a SK8 demo at the Koinonia Community Festival in East Rochster on August 7, 2004. Click here for the poster. Click here for a short video of the event.
Solid Rock, Krudco & Crossroads got togeather to bring 5-Boro to Rochester NY on August 20, 2004. Click here for 2 minute video highlights (large 8mb file)-MS Media player required)
Here are some pictures and short video from Krudco's 2003 Sk8 for Homeless at Scuffs
Here is some footage from Krudco's May 2003 Hollywood demo @ Scuffs. (MS media 9 player required)
Solid Rock SK8 team Held a SK8 contest @ Crossroads Youth Center on July 10, 2004. Click here for the poster. and contest results. Click here for video (MS Media player)
Here is some footage from Krudco's May 2003 PoPWar demo @ Scuffs. (MS media 9 player required)
Click here for video overview of  Krudco's SK8 for Homeless on 8/31/02 @ Scuff Skates
Solid Rock Sk8 Demo At WOL Family Fun Fair in Henrietta July 16, 2004. Click here for poster. Click here for Video (MS media player)
Solid Rock built a sk8 park for the Ultimate Challenge 2004 Event. Click here for more info & video
Click here for 4th of July 5 Boro video 2002
Solid Rock worked as judges for the Krudco Mini half contest at Scuff Skates on 8/30/03. Here are some Pix and results
Here is some video from Krudco's Real demo & BarBQ, July 2003 (MS media 9 player required)
If you want to see video and pix from the Crossroads 2002 Sk8 comp, click here.
Click here for 2002 Toy Machine demo footage and more click here for video of Ray Barbee's Mana Demo in Syracuse, July 12th 2002
Video of Sk8 comp the Solid Rock team hosted in Madison Hts VA. Nov 2002 (MS media 9 player needed)
The Sk8 team and friends went to the KingPin Sk8 contest on Saturday the 18th of May 2002. Here are some video highlights.
Short Video from Krudco Contest March 2003 Joe won 1st place advanced, Bobbo placed 2nd in advanced (MS media 9 player needed) Alpha&Omega SK8 jam pictures-2002