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Krudco's Toy Machine Demo

June 1, 2002

A large crew of sk8ers from Solid Rock and Crossroads attended the Toy Machine Demo that Krudco hosted at Spinners Sk8 park.

General opinion is that if you missed this you, you missed a lot!

Thanks goes out to Aaron and Alan at Krudco

Two of the skaters from Solid Rock Church had a chance to talk to Austin Stephens after the demo. Here is what happened:

Austin Stephens Interview

Date: 6/1/02

Place: Spinners

Occasion: Krudco’s Toy Machine Demo

Austin Stephens (AS)

Zack Shepard (ZS)

Joe Strobel (JS)

Background information; Joe Strobel and Zack Shepard were talking and Joe says that he thinks that Austin Stephens is a Christian because he was reading a magazine interview with Austin and at the end, Austin thanked God. Joe and Zack decided to find out for sure if Austin is a Christian by asking him. After Austin finished talking to several other kids, they walked up and…

ZS: Are you a Christian? (no introduction, no “hi” no “how are you” etc.)

AS: Yeah, well I was…

JS: What happened?

AS: I dunno, I’m starting to look into other religions and question my faith. I still pray to God and believe in God and Christian morals, but I don’t believe in mission work.

JS: Why is that? I was reading in an interview and you thanked God, so I wasn’t sure.

AS: I don’t believe it is right for some one to force beliefs on someone. I mean, the people in Africa who have their own religion believe and practice what they believe as much as most Christians I know. I also believe that there are other ways to heaven than accepting Jesus Christ. I believe Jesus was God’s Son, but…

ZS: So are you monotheistic or polytheistic?

AS: Huh?

ZS: Do you believe in many gods or one God?

AS: Oh no, I believe in only one God and I have no doubt in Him, but I’m still looking for answers. Are you guys all Christian?

JS: Yeah. Are you leaving tonight?

AS: Yeah

ZS: Oh, cuz we were going to ask if you wanted to go to our church, Solid Rock, tomorrow.

AS: Nah man. I gotta leave tonight, but I’d definitely be excited to go. I love checking out new things.

JS: Oh.

After that Joe and Zack proceeded to go inside and write their email addresses on napkins to give to Austin. However, the management would not let them outside and return inside again. Joe was going to leave for the evening anyway. Joe made his way to the Toy Machine van, but could not get to Austin who was in the van. Finally, Joe says to Ed Templeton “yo Ed, can you PLEASE give these to Austin? It’s real important.” Ed replys “Yeah, sure, bro.” Ed took the messages, hopped into the van and then the Toy Machine Van pulled away.

Note: Views and comments of Austin Stephens are not necessarily the views of Solid Rock Christian Fellowship or its members.

Suggested reading for Austin to answer the questions he has regarding his faith:

Romans 1:18-21

John 14:6

I John 5:12 and 13